Can you pour concrete driveways in the rain?


Experienced concrete contractors in Vancouver advise against pouring concrete driveways in the rain. Excess water on the surface of freshly-poured concrete increases the risk of weakness and spalling.  We always take proper precautions to protect our work. But if a surprise shower did occur, all is not lost. If it’s early in the curing process (2-4 hrs after mixing) the work can still be covered. If it’s been longer than 4 hours and the concrete has stiffened, it will be fine.

Timing is a factor when it comes to pouring new concrete driveways in Vancouver and we are coming up on the best time to do it. Vancouver and The Lower Mainland are classified as moderate oceanic/Mediterranean climates. This means most of the year is rainy, but the summer months, typically July and August are almost drought-like. It wasn’t that long ago that we broke a record for having no rain at all in July, and set another record in 2017 for driest summer ever!

Did you know concrete driveways are preferred by homeowners over asphalt, gravel, pavers and other materials? That’s because they’re stronger and more durable, lasting upwards of 50 years. They require little maintenance and can be coloured and stamped to create an endless variety of attractive designs. Speak with a residential concrete company like Pacific Rock and Concrete to discuss your ideas and arrange a time this summer to get your new concrete driveway.

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