From floors to countertops, why concrete has come indoors

Concrete is traditionally thought of as a material used around the exterior of a house. Places like driveways, sidewalks, patios, a bbq kitchen or outdoor furniture quickly come to mind. But more and more, people are discovering just how versatile and beautiful decorative concrete is for interior design.

Decorative concrete finds a place in every room of the house, from fireplaces and wall panels to crown moulding, vanity tops and the ever-popular concrete kitchen countertops. It’s lighter than you think, weighing 50% less than regular concrete, and it’s incredibly strong and flexible. This means it can come in larger shapes with no joins. It can also be moulded and curved. With added colour or texture options, the possibilities for beautiful designs are endless.

Another popular choice for homeowners and commercial businesses is decorative concrete flooring. It’s extremely durable, so you never had to worry about marring or scratching with shoes, pets’ nails, or moving furniture across it. It’s ridiculously easy to maintain with an occasional sealing or waxing. And it lasts forever, over 100 years when properly cared for. Like other indoor concrete pieces, decorative concrete floors are entirely customizable. What’s more, if you already have a concrete subfloor, you can simply add a decorative finish over top to create an affordable, stunning new floor.

Pacific Rock and Concrete Design’s interior concrete services provides many examples and options available for decorative concrete floors, fireplaces, countertops and more. By playing with colours and patterns, textures and finishes, you can fill all of your interior spaces with elegance and class.

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