Sure-Spray and Sure-Tex

Plain grey concrete, whether new or old, can be quickly transformed into a colourful and exciting textured surface with the SureCrete Spray-Deck System comprised of Sure-Spray and Sure-Tex. Versatile in many concrete designs, using different textures, patterns and stencils. Sure-Spray is a thin spray concrete overlay mix typically applied using a hopper gun and compressed air, applied by spraying out a thin bubble like texture to mimic the river rock look of most pool decks, or by troweling a “knock down” look very similar to what you would see on the outside of a stucco home, or even by employing stamping tools to a stamp overlay mixture to mimic the look of stamped concrete.

Resistant to mildew, thermal shock, and most chemicals, it provides a durable, easy to maintain surface for an endless variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Sure-Tex is a flexible texturizing material made up of a larger aggregate which creates deeper textures. Sure-Tex products allow for a quicker drying time, and design versatility.

Sure-Spray and Sure-Tex concrete overlay can be used in a vast assortment of applications:

  • Custom Stencil Patterns
  • Pool Decks & Patios
  • Faux Tile Designs
  • Residential Sidewalks
  • Home Driveways
  • Commercial Floor Coatings
  • “Slop Trowel” Texture Designs
  • “Wet Bubble” Textures
  • Multi-Color “Bubble” Designs

SureCrete’s Spray Deck System is used for restoration projects, resurfacing, surface protection, architectural accenting; as well as creating a slip resistant surface. Because it’s slip resistant and much cooler underfoot than plain concrete, Spray-Deck lends itself perfectly to pool decks, walkways, entrances and driveways. Maintenance of a Sure-spray surface is easy; to clean a Spray-Deck surface, all that is needed are common household cleaners, a broom, and a garden hose.

If you’re looking for a surface application that is simple, attractive, durable, and easy to maintain, then Spray-Deck might very well be the perfect solution!

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