Concrete Repair & Restoration

When it comes to concrete restoration, sometimes the project can be more complicated than a simple aesthetic upgrade. If your concrete slab begins to erode and you experience cracks or large chips, these imperfections should be addressed before they become unmanageable and a new slab is required.

Depending on your geographical location, some communities have to contend with various weather elements; such as harsh freezing temperatures, snow, rain and excessive heat, all of which can cause freeze-thaw, low water tables, moisture migration, and salt erosion. These elements have a habit of creating spalled concrete, and even cracked and broken concrete slabs. Through experience, the team at Pacific Rock and Concrete Design understand that an aesthetic fix, such as a thin concrete overlay placed on top of these types of slabs, would simply spall and crack, just like the concrete below it; in response, we researched a way to “fix” the original concrete slab before any aesthetic modifications could be done. And so, concrete restoration was born.

Professional repair of the original slab is important to insure the longevity of the concrete. The process of concrete restoration can vary from each situation and should be assessed carefully before putting any products on or in your concrete. By filling in cracks with a flexible substance such as urethane or epoxy, cracks could be managed before they progress to an unfixable state. However, we learned to cut slabs into specific size increments, to allow the concrete to “move” and lessen the need for cracks. By densifying our concrete by employing a lithium densifier, we can slow moisture migration, strengthen the concrete integrity, and help prevent some of the problems that cause concrete to fail.

Using products like lithium densifier, assist Pacific Rock and Concrete Design with preventing issues like salt erosion, moisture migration, and freeze-thaw, and extending the life of your concrete slabs.

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