Thin Concrete Overlays

Many clients have asked us, “What do you do if you already have a concrete slab you don’t particularly like?” In the past, typically the first response was to “paint it” using a variety of pigmented acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy sealers. While this does add color, it doesn’t do much for the texture of your slab. Thus, came the advent of thin concrete overlays.

Using thin concrete overlays, we can now add a thin layer of texture to an existing concrete floor or subfloor. instead of having to rip up your existing slab and completely replace it. When restoring a concrete slab, due to its varied thickness, we can also use Thin Concrete Overlays to repair small cracks.

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Polymer Concrete Overlay

Combining various aggregates, and polymer resins with Portland Cements, polymer concrete overlays can be applied both thick and thin. Resistant to heavy traffic, salt, UV rays and harsh weather conditions, this overlay process is used in architectural and flooring industries.

Polymer applications include:

  • Skim coat/broom resurfacing
  • Concrete regrading and leveling
  • Redecorating renovation existing concrete or wood substrates

Concrete overlays are applied by hand using a trowel creating a large variety of new textures, colours and designs. This process can also be applied the stamping process.

Stamped Overlay

Resurfacing a damaged or worn surface can now be effectively carried out by using a Stamped Overlay. Creating a unique design with concrete overlay, Pacific Rock and Concrete uses rubber stamp imprinting in various sizes 1/8 inch up to ½ inch, impressing a thin layer of pre-mixed concrete on your existing substrate surface. This process can mimic the look of natural stone and brick textures by using a mold to recreate the face of authentic stone and even wood.

Thin concrete overlays are usually enhanced by using water based stains, translucent highlighting or just by employing color enhancing sealers to help make the integral color “pop” that much more. Give your business, home patio, driveway or basement floor a new look without all of the hassle of tearing out the old concrete, using think concrete overlays.

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